MTC @ AMPERE Newsletter

Dr. Marilena Radoiu a publié l'article intitulé "Why Microwave Technologies Consulting?" dans la Newsletter AMPERE de juillet 2023.

"I created Microwave Technologies Consulting (MTC, in February 2018. I had just graduated from Ecole de Management Lyon (EM Lyon) where I fast-tracked an Executive MBA that waved me towards entrepreneurship. Having dedicated over 25 years to microwave applications, the foundation of a cons ultancy devoted to microwave applications for the industry and for the young came to me as a must do. Despite my involvement with the industry, I always tried to find recipes for being involved with academics, trying to pass my knowledge on to young Master or PhD students. At MTC We dedicate our time to understanding and optimising microwave-assisted processes to enable timely process development in line with project demands, from basic R&I approach through to development and life-cycle management."